Healthy strawberry and cream oatmeal recipe for two
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Healthy Strawberry and Cream Oatmeal Recipe for two

Hello World!! Hope you all are doing great!! As a sneak peek, I can tell you that it will be some sort of oatmeal, with some sort of berry fruit… But continue reading to learn more about what we are making on this post! Today I found a quote that resonated with me so much!! […]

healthy banana oatmeal with cinnamon and nut butter
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No sugar added breakfast banana oatmeal

What if I told you, you could make this too in less than 10 minutes… healthy has never been this easy!

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Deliciously fast parmesan cloud egg recipe for breakfast

I have been so busy with college life for these past couple of days/weeks that I haven’t had the chance to post some great new recipes for you guys! But I am back for a little before I get engulfed in finals week in a couple of days again. I have been so busy that […]

Delicious strawberries and cream overnight oats with chia seeds and flax seeds.
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Overnight strawberries and cream oats

If we are being completely honest I am not always a morning person. It takes me months to get myself to become a morning person. I have had a job where I needed to wake up at around 5-6 am for about three years and right as I got used to it I quit and […]

How to make poached eggs
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You can make chef worthy poached egg too!

So, I have heard many people say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I would like to say that I do not agree and that that 11Pm/12Am crazy meal that some of us tend to have would be a lot more important.  But let’s be real it is always a lot […]