The best apple cider vinegar drink

The best low calorie Apple Cider Vinegar drink recipe

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This Apple Cider Vinegar drink recipe is the best weight loss, and detox tool. It is refreshing, helps suppress appetite, support the immune system and helps stabilize your blood sugar. Apple cider vinegar with the mother also provides healthy bacterias to replenish the gut!

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The best apple cider vinegar drink

Hello everyone!

I hope this message finds you and your families healthy and safe! It is pretty crazy out there so make sure to take care of yourself and avoid being around people as much as you can!

Even if you are not in the category of those who are more at risk, think of those around of who are. By keeping to yourself for a little while you can save some many people from this crazy virus…

I personally drank apple cider vinegar morning and night because I wanted to lose a couple of pounds and help my digestion. To my surprise, this drink did a lot more than just help me lose weight! It bettered my immune system. My boyfriend had some sort of a cold or flu and I didn’t get anything!!!


Especially after my health kinda took the wrong turn.

But this time I didn’t! I didn’t get sick and the only thing I did differently was have this apple cider vinegar drink recipe twice a day. Once before breakfast on an empty stomach and once before dinner on an empty stomach.

What is so special about this apple cider vinegar drink recipe?

I love love love making apple cider vinegar drinks! They may taste a bit… well aplle cider vinegary but they are so good for you.

I love this specific recipe because of the addition of grated ginger. The spiciness of the fresh ginger helps offset the sour vinegar taste of this drink a little and we can’t get enough of it!

This apple cider vinegar drink recipe helps keep your appetite under controls and support the immune system. The healthy bacterias in the vinegar also help with digestion, beating bloat and getting that flat tummy back!

My last absolute favorite thing about this drink is that it comes together in less than 5 minutes!

The best apple cider vinegar drink recipe

Tools needed to make this apple cider vinegar drink

These aa few simple items you will be needing to make this immune boosting AVC drink.

Ingredients of apple cider vinegar

  • Apple cider vinegar – Apple cider vinegar that contains the mother can help boost your immune system because of all the antiviral properties it has. Because of the fermentation process, it also helps the growth of healthy bacteria in your gut similar to Kombucha!
  • Lemon – Fresh lemon juice is extremely high in vitamin C. It is a must for immune support as well as heart and digestive health.
  • Grated ginger – Ginger is huge when talking about immunity boosting foods. This root has antimicrobial effects that can help fight off bacteria and may help reduce the risk of respiratory infections.
  • Cinnamon – Cinnamon contains potent antibacterial, antiviral, analgesic and inflammatory properties. It is the perfect addition when trying to stay healthy and keep your immune system strong.
  • Raw honey – The raw honey is rich in anti oxidants and is often used to soothe sore throats as well as boost up the immune system. This ingredient is optional but I love adding it to at least one of my daily drinks to add a touch of sweetness to it.

What kind of apple cider vinegar should I use?

Anytime you are tying to get some health benefits from something you have to always pick something that is unprocessed. The best apple cider vinegar that fits that profile would be the raw, unrefined and unfiltered apple cider vinegar. The ACV tha tyou get has to contains “the mother”

What is “the mother”?

The mother is a sediment that consists of a dozen of strains of good bacteria, which we often refer to as probiotics. They help your digestive tract run smoothly, and digest all the food properly.

So in simple words, “the mother” is the difference between an ACV that’s full of good probiotics and an apple cider vinegar that is not. So always make sure to get ACV with the mother.

Can I use powdered ginger if I don’t have fresh ginger?

This apple cider vinegar drink taste a whole lot better if you can get your hands on some fresh ginger! But don’t fret, if you don’t have any fresh ginger, you can use 1/8 tsp ground ginger instead of the fresh ginger in this recipe.

The best apple cider vinegar drink for weight loss

What are the health benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar (ACV)

Apple cider vinegar has a wide array of of health benefits of of those health benefits are:

  • Apple cider vinegar can help kill harmful bacterias
  • Helps keep the skin healthy, hydrated and glowing from the inside!
  • Alkalizes our blood. Harmful bacterias, candida and disease doesn’t grow too often in an environment with a well balanced PH balance.
  • Apple cider vinegar is made from fermenting the natural sugar from apples. This process turns those sugars into acetic acid, which is one of the main ingredients of ACV. This fermentation process, helps replenish the good bacterias in your gut.
  • Helps suppress appetite, burn fat, and aids in weight loss.
  • All those good bacterias we talked about also help with digestion and beating belly bloat

A cold and flu drink that really works!

Not only fo I drink this on a regular basis to keep my digestion working properly but I also have it a little more often when I feel a cold or the flu coming. It stops it in its tracks! Have this a couple of times a day, get plenty of rest, supplement with vitamin d3 and oregano oil and you will be well on your way to swerve the illness!

The best apple cider vinegar drink with honey

This is also a great drink to have when you are sick!

When we are sick we definitely need something to help boost our immune system. Well this immune booster drink does just that. It is an awesome cold fighting drink that also keeps you warm and cozy. I like adding honey to it when I feel a bit sickly to help sooth my throat. The ginger and lemon also give it a nice zing to get you up and going in no time.

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Tips to make this immune booster ACV drink recipe

  • Make sure to use fresh ingredients! To get the best tasting drink, always use the freshest ingredients.
  • Get ACV with the mother! This time of apple cider vinegar is unrefined, unpasteurized and unfiltered. It has a colony of beneficial bacterias from the fermentation process. This will help your gut bacteria as well as your immune system and much more.
  • Start with just a little ACV at the beginning! ACV can taste pretty vinegary, so if you are not used to having apple cider vinegar start with just one teaspoon and work your way up from there.
The best apple cider vinegar drink for weight loss

How to make this immune booster ACV drink recipe?

  1. Start by mixing the grated ginger and cinnamon together
  2. Add in the ACV and the hot water. If you want a little touch of sweetness add some honey and stir.
  3. Drink up!

When should I drink this ACV drink?

Honestly there is no set time for you to enjoy this nutritious ACV drink. I personally like to have it on an empty stomach before breakfast and before dinner to aid with digestion.

I know that other people only have it once in the morning while those who are going for a body detox have it three times a day. So the decision is yours, have it as many or as little times as you want. Just make sure to dilute the ACV in water before consuming it. Usually a 1:10 vinegar to water works perfectly.

The healthiest drink on the planet!


apple cider vinegar weight loss drink

Apple Cider Vinegar drink recipe

This is my favorite easy ACV drink recipe. It helps my immune system stay healthy to fight off any infections.
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Prep Time 2 mins
Total Time 2 mins
Course Breakfast, dinner
Cuisine American
Servings 1 drink


  • 8-12 oz hot water
  • 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar with the mother
  • 1 tsp grated ginger or use 1/8 tsp of ground ginger if you don't have fresh ginger
  • a sprinkle of cinnamon
  • raw honey optional
  • 1/2 lemon juice


  • Start by mixing the grated ginger and cinnamon together, add in the ACV and the hot water. If you want a little touch of sweetness add some honey, stir and drink! ⁣


This recipe is easily doubled or tripled! Have it twice a day to help your immune system stay strong! 
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Can you taste the apple cider vinegar?

The short answer is yes.

This drink contains apple cider vinegar so it will taste like it. The use of fresh grated ginger definitely helps keep the vinegary flavor at bay but I always suggest that you start with 1 tsp and work your way up to 1-2 tbsp a day. That way you will have a better experience with it.

Apple cider drink variations.

This recipe is one of the most simple variations of ACV drinks. Add ginger, honey and cinnamon to it and call it a day. But if you have some extra time and want to get a little more creative you can try adding:

  • Sparkling water instead of regular hot water
  • Muddles fresh min leaves to make this drink minty fresh
  • Any type of muddles berries would take this to the next level
  • Some orange juice or grapefruit instead of lemon juice
  • A splash of cranberry, pomegranate or cherry juice
The best apple cider vinegar drink


I am not a nutritionist and am not making any health claims. This drinks helps me stay healthy and keep my immune system strong. Some people with underlying health issues may not do too well because of the acidic nature of this drink.

Make sure to check with your doctor before starting any specific diet/nutritional change. What I said in this article is simply my personal obsevation and findings through doing some research.

Other than that, I would absolutely love to know if you made this recipe! Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. Make sure to also subscribe to our mailing list to receive more amazing recipes for free!

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  1. The recipe calls for “1/2 lemon juice.” Do you mean the juice of 1/2 lemon? Or do you mean 1/2 cup or tablespoon or teaspoon lemon juice? Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Barbara! Sorry for the misunderstanding. I meant to say the juice of half a lemon 🍋
      Enjoy your drink 🙂

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