healthy cookie dough wanna be chocolate balls to bake when stressed

Healthy wanna be cookie-dough chocolate balls

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little disclaimer; I honestly feel like everyone should try at least once in their lives these delicious crunchy chocolate peanut butter balls !! They have the perfect balance of sweet, savory, bitterness… and of course a little extra crunch!!

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Anyways! For today’s positivity, I wanted to remind everyone that it is okay to take a rest day from time to time. Enjoying the present moment is something that allows us to stay grounded and maintain a happy self. So don’t forget that there are days where you will not exercise much but just enjoying your self and your time with your loved ones with worth so much more!

This time it will be a clean option for all of us who want to have somewhat of a treat without going the unhealthy and processed route. I like to call these beauties the “healthy wanna be cookie-dough chocolate balls”

Healthy wanna be cookie-dough chocolate balls recipe

I made these chocolate balls with dates, this is a way to make them sweet without adding that addictive processed white sugar that we should all fear…

For me, I used Deglet Noor dates. I was lucky enough to be able to bring some back home with me from Algeria, the country of one of the best dates out there!

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Healthy wannabe cookie-dough chocolate balls

Yield  15 chocolate balls

Prep Time  15 mn

Total Time  1.5 hour


Peanut butter date balls

6 dates unpitted

½ cup organic peanut butter

3 tbsp oats

1 tbsp cacao nibs (optional)

A pinch of salt

Chocolate coating

⅓  cup of dark chocolate chips

½ tsp coconut oil

Pink Himalayan sea salt for topping


  1.  Start by adding your pitted dates into the food processor and pulse until it is well blended and forms a sticky mixture. Add in the 3 tbsp of oats and pulse a couple more times until everything is well combined.deglet noor algerian datesBlended up algerian dates
  2. Scrape the date and oat mixture, then add the organic peanut butter and process until everything is combined.chocolate peanut butter balls 
    • Depending on the peanut butter you use and the size of your dates, the mixture might be too oily. If so, add another tablespoon of oats and blend to get the perfect consistency.
  3. add in the cacao nibs with the peanut butter mixture and incorporate it using your hands or a wooden spoon, then start rolling your dough into ½ tablespoon balls. Place them on some parchment paper, then place them in the freezer until firm. (mine took about an hour)chocolate peanut butter balls with cacao nibsthe chococlate date peanut butter balls ready for the freezer
  4. 5 minutes before getting my peanut butter date balls out of the freezer, combine the chocolate chips with the coconut oil and melt it in the microwave in 30-second increments.
    dark chocolate and coconut oil
  5. Dip the peanut butter date balls in the chocolate mixture and roll them until they are covered. Place the chocolate date balls back on the parchment paper and top with a sprinkle of Himalayan pink sea salt right away.

    wanna be cookie dough chocolate covered balls with dates

    wanna be cookie dough chocolate covered balls with dates

    ooey gooey chocolate peanut butter date balls

  6. After this process is done, place the balls back in the freezer and fridge to harden fully and enjoy :)!wanna be cookie dough chocolate covered balls!
    HEalthy cookie dough wanna be chocolate balls




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And of course as always if you end up making these healthy wannabe cookie dough chocolate date balls make sure to tag me on Instagram Chahinez_tbt  to let me know how you liked it :)!

Have a wonderful day

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  1. Looks great! I haven’t used dates in my balls yet but I also make balls. Swedish chokladbollar to be exact hehehe I just taught a workshop on how to make my Strawberry fields chokladbollar yesterday actually!

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