Healthier Blueberry Crips

Healthier Blueberry Crisp

Believe it or not, this Healthy Blueberry crisp contains very little sugar! It is the perfect treat for your spring and summer afternoons. It is loaded with fresh blueberries and topped with an irresistible crumble made out of steel-cut oats and whole wheat flour! Super simple, and so healthy! 

Brown Butter Strawberry Blondies

Brown Butter Strawberry Blondies

These soft and chewy Brown Butter Strawberry Blondies are the perfect treat when you are craving something fruity but yet decadent!! The balance between fruity and sweet is the best part about these!

Healthy Baked Cinnamon Shrimp Skewers

The Best Healthy Baked Cinnamon Shrimp Skewers

These Healthy Cinnamon Shrimp Skewers are unline anything you’ve ever had before. The cinnamon gives them the extra elevated flavor they deserve!

Healthy Vegan Double Chocolate Brownies

Dulce de Leche Stuffed Snickerdoodle Cookie

These dulce de leche stuffed snickerdoodle cookies taste just like your childhood! The original twist on the classic snickerdoodle cookies is absolutely to die for. With an intense cinnamon toast flavor, this is definitely a crowd-pleaser. The cookies are soft and chewy with an indulgent silky smooth little surprise on the inside!

Mini Breakfast Zucchini Frittatas

Full of protein and so yummy! These mini breakfast zucchini frittatas are the perfect breakfast option when you are trying to eat healthier. Make a batch of these and have them as your grab-and-go breakfast!

Dulce de leche recipe

Easy Pressure Cooker Dulce de Leche Recipe

Delicious, easy, and quick pressure cooker Dulce de leche caramel. This one ingredient recipe will work perfectly with cookies, cheesecakes, coffee, or even spread on a piece of toast!

Healthy Vegan Double chocolate Brownies

Healthy vegan double chocolate brownies

Healthy vegan double chocolate brownies – The ultimate fudgy brownie that is packed with chocolate and so so easy to make! These super moist gluten-free treats will definitely be a hit at your next get together!

Vegan High protein chocolate smoothie

Vegan High Protein Chocolate Smoothie

Creamy Vegan high protein chocolate smoothie, full of natural sweetness and a ton of protein. The silken tofu adds all the plant protein needed and gives each glass a luscious texture.

7 best egg substitutes for baking

The 7 best Egg Substitutes for Baking

In this article you will find the 7 best egg substitute for baking listed and explained for easy baking!