Healthy breakfast smoothie bowl

Healthy Mango Breakfast Smoothie Bowl

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Hello friends!

I am back again with another awesome recipe, this time it is an easy and fresh homemade breakfast smoothie. So yesterday morning, I was craving something sweet and refreshing but did not want any added sugars, so I thought to myself why not make myself a mango breakfast smoothie bowl. These breakfast bowls have been hyped all over the internet for a while now. So I decided to shoot my shot and try it too!

The cool thing here is that I already had cut up and frozen some super ripe, super sweet mangoes the night before! And I always have frozen bananas in the freezer, so that made my decision super easy. Bellow, I have a picture showing the final product and let me tell you… It tastes as good as it looks!! 

Delicious and healthy smoothie bowl topped with raspberries, kiwi, bananas, chia seeds, granola, and hemp seeds

Mango breakfast Smoothie bowl

Yield  2 servings

Prep Time  20 minutes

Total Time  25 minutes

Smoothie bowl:

2 ripe mangoes, cut into small cubes and frozen

Half a banana, sliced and frozen

5 tbsp greek yogurt


10 cherries pitted and sliced in half

½ banana sliced

1 kiwi sliced

4 tablespoons of granola

1 tablespoon of chia seeds

1 tablespoon of hemp seeds

10 raspberries

  • You realistically can use any toppings that you’d like. You don’t have to follow this recipe to the T!! Some other toppings that I like to use would be:
    • Flax seeds
    • Nuts (almonds, cashews, shredded coconut…)
    • Nut butters
    • Greek yogurt
    • Other fruits that you might have on hand
    • Superfood powders (spirulina, acai powder…)


  1. The evening before you want to make your breakfast smoothie bowl, start by peeling the mangoes and cutting them into small cubes, freeze them overnight. Do the same thing with the half of the banana.
    1. This can be optional if you would rather buy pre-cut frozen fruits!
  2. In the morning, pull your frozen bananas and mangoes out of the freezer and let them sit out for 5 to 10 minutes.  Get your blender or food processor ready.
  3. While you are waiting for your frozen fruit to get a little softer, start prepping your smoothie bowl toppings. Cut up all the fruits that you are planning to top your smoothie bowl with, for my case I used fresh raspberries, kiwi, cherries, and bananas.
  4. Add your frozen fruits to the food processor or blender and top it with the Greek yogurt. Start blending, making sure to scrape the sides as you go to make sure that everything is blended evenly. Bananas and mangoes with greek yogurt in a food processor about to be blended to make the smoothie bowl
    • You will know that you are done when your mixture has a soft-serve consistency.Blended mangoes and bananas that has a soft serve texture
  5. Scoop the mixture into two bowls and top with the desired toppings.
    The final product of our healthy smoothie bowls. Topped with cherries, kiwi, banana, raspberry, chia seeds, granola and hemp seeds
  6. E N J O Y ! and make sure to tag me on Instagram if you do make this 🙂 #TDfoodi


You can easily make this a vegan smoothie bowl. Just omit the Greek yogurt and instead of that use the same amount of liquid nut milk instead. If you chose to make your smoothie vegan bowl, I would recommend not letting your frozen fruits thaw too much though!


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