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making chocolate covered strawberries
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Chocolate Dipped Strawberries recipe

This easy peasy chocolate coated strawberry recipe is my favorite treat to make for loved ones on valentine's day or anytime of the year really.
Prep Time5 mins
Total Time20 mins
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Servings: 1 lbs ( about 20 strawberries)


  • 5 oz semi sweet chocolate chips
  • 3 oz white chocolate chips
  • 4 teaspoon coconut oil
  • 1 lbs strawberries ( about 20 strawberries) rinsed and dried


  • First, start by washing and drying the strawberries. Make sure that they are completely dry here. Chocolate and water don't work well together so this step is definitely mandatory! Line a baking sheet with parchment paper or a silicone mat and set your strawberries on there.
  • Then place the semi sweet chocolate chips and the white chocolate chips in two separate small bowls. Add 3 teaspoons of coconut oil to the semi sweet chocolate chips and add 1 teaspoon of coconut oil to the white chocolate chips.
  • Microwave each small bowl of chocolate chips in 30 second increments, making sure to stir each time in between. This should take roughly 2 minutes.
  • Once both chocolates are melted, you can start dipping! Dip the strawberries one at a time into the melted chocolate, coating them to ¾ of the way up. Pull the strawberry out and shake it a little to get rid of any excess.
  • Place the chocolate covered strawberry back on the prepared baking sheet and top with sprinkles (or anything that you want really!)
  • Don't move or touch the berries once they are on the baking sheet though. We want a flawless finish, and to achieve that you have to let your chocolate harden completely.
  • Once you are done decorating all the strawberries, place the baking sheet in the fridge for about 30 minute to allow the chocolate to harden. You can now serve the strawberries or place them in a cute little box to give as a gift!