Viral Chocolate Strawberry Yogurt Clusters

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Try this blend of yogurt, sweet honey, and fresh strawberries! It is simply perfection, sweetened by the irresistible chocolate shell. Who could resist?


Strawberries Greek yogurt Honey Vanilla extract Dark chocolate chips Coconut oil Sea salt

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In a bowl, combine the diced strawberries, greek yogurt, honey, and vanilla extract. Then, mix until combined.

Step 1

Drop 2-3 tablespoons of the strawberry yogurt mix onto the baking sheet and freeze for 30-60 minutes or until solid.

Step 2

Step 3

Once the clusters are frozen, melt the chocolate chips in a bowl and coconut oil in 30-second increments in the microwave.

Remove the baking sheet from the freezer and dip each cluster in the melted chocolate. Then, transfer the yogurt clusters back to the baking sheet, top with sea salt, and freeze until the chocolate sets for 10-30 minutes.

Step 4

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