The BEST  White Chocolate  Blondies

These blondies are a simple yet super decadent dessert!

They contain brown butter to take things up a notch and have the most perfectly chewy texture.

Ingredients You'll Need Butter Brown sugar A large egg An egg yolk Vanilla extract Flour Cornstarch Salt Chocolate chunks

Brown the butter then let it cool. Mix in the sugar, egg, egg yolk and vanilla until light & fluffy.

Mix in the flour, cornstarch, and salt just until the flour disappears then fold in the white chocolate chips.

Spread the blondie mixture into a prepared baking pan and bake for 25 minutes.

Don’t worry if they look a bit underdone in the middle!

Lastly, let them cool then enjoy. These aromatic blondies will smell heavenly and taste even better! 

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