Coconut White Chocolate Cookies

These delicious Crumbl  cookies are filled with white chocolate & covered in nutty coconut flakes!

They're perfect for the whole family.

The ingredients you'll need: - Butter - Brown sugar - 1 Egg - Vanilla Extract - Flour - Baking soda - Salt - White chocolate chips - Sweetened coconut flakes - Toasted sweetened coconut flakes

Firstly make the cookie dough as you would any other cookie recipe. You only need a few ingredients and it's so simple to make!

Fold in the white chocolate chips and scoop out the cookie dough. It will smell amazing at this point!

Roll the cookie dough balls into the untoasted sweetened coconut flakes then bake until golden and chewy.

Let the cookies cool down for a bit then enjoy. They have the perfect amount of coconut to give a delicious flavor without overdoing it!

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