The Best S'mores Cookie Bars

Enjoy s’mores anytime with this simple stuffed s'mores cookie bar recipe. These cookies are DELISH!


Butter  Brown sugar Granulated sugar Egg Vanilla extract AP flour

Graham crackers Salt Baking soda Hershey bars Marshmallow fluff

Cream the butter, granulated sugar, and brown sugar until combined. Then, add in the egg and the vanilla extract and mix again.

Step 1

Add in the flour, graham cracker crumbs, salt, baking soda, and mix until combined.

Step 2

Press half of the dough evenly onto the baking sheet, then remove the parchment from the pan and place it in the fridge while you put more parchment paper on the pan and repeat the process with the leftover cookie dough.

Step 3

Place the chocolate bars over the dough. Spread the marshmallow fluff on top of the chocolate bar, then gently flip the chilled cookie dough layer on top.

Step 4

Bake the cookies in the preheated oven for 25 minutes at 350F. 

Step 5

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