The BEST Christmas Fudge Recipe

This classic Christmas fudge is creamy, smooth and rich!

Make for friends & family or use as a homemade gift!

Ingredients - Sweetened condensed milk - White chocolate chips - Semi sweet chocolate chips - Vanilla extract - Christmas sprinkles

Melt the semi-sweet chocolate chips, and mix it together with 1/2  of the vanilla and sweetened condensed milk until combined.

Pour the mixture into a prepared 8×8 inch baking pan and gently spread it into an even layer using a spatula.

The BEST Christmas Fudge Recipe

In a separate bowl, melt the white chocolate chips, remaining vanilla & sweetened condensed milk and mix.

Spread the mix over the chocolate fudge then add the Christmas sprinkles on top.

Let it set in the fridge before slicing and enjoying!

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