The best homemade buttery pie crust

This thanksgiving season, you need to try making your own homemade pie crusts, it's life changing!

It is a super versatile crust that can be used for both sweet pies as well as savory ones like quiches. 

You will see a step by step image series that will help you create the best pie dough ever! 

- Bowl - Pastry cutter or forks - Rolling pin - Pie plate - Pie weights or dry beans

Tools you will need:

After mixing all the ingredients, the dough will look like this. Chill it then roll it. 

Slice the pie dough to fit you 9 inch pie plate,

Press the pie dough into your pie plate, crimp the edges and bake. 

Your pie crust is finally ready and can be used  for your pumpkin and pecan thanksgiving pies