Crumbl Hazelnut Mudslide Cookies

Copycat Recipe

These cookies are made with a thick chocolate cookie, filled with hazelnut spread, and rolled in hazelnuts. 

You'll love them!

Ingredients you'll need: Nutella Butter Brown sugar Granulated sugar An egg Vanilla extract Flour Cocoa powder Baking soda Salt Hazelnuts

Firstly use a hand or stand mixer to make the cookie dough. It's a simple and easy to follow recipe that will eventually look like this!

Next, place frozen Nutella in the center of the cookie dough then fold the sides over. Roll the cookie dough in chopped hazelnuts.

Place the cookie dough on a lined baking sheet and gently flatten before baking for 10 - 11 minutes.

Layer a generous amount of Nutella on top then let them cool for a bit. 

Finally, enjoy these delicious, ooey-gooey Crumbl cookies!

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