Crumbl S'mores Brownie Cookies

These copycat cookies are perfect for the s'mores addicts in your life. They're over-the-top & impressive with 4 layers of deliciousness!

Ingredients you'll need Butter Brown Granulated sugar 1 large egg Vanilla butter emulsion Flour Baking soda Salt Cocoa powder Graham cracker crumbs Chocolate chips Marshmallows

Cream the butter and sugar together then mix in the egg and vanilla. Next, add in the dry ingredients.

Divide the cookie dough into two bowls. One for the chocolate cookie layer and another for the chocolate chip layer.

Finally, make the brownie batter and assemble the cookie layers. Top with graham crackers and bake!

Top each cookie with a marshmallow then bake again. Allow them to cool for a bit and enjoy!

You need to make these cookies ASAP!

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